Air Conditioning Costa Blanca

Essential air conditioning services offer the following services:
. The supply and installation of new up to date air conditioning machines.

. The servicing and maintaining of your existing units.

. The relocation of your existing units if required.

A family business, we have been established here in Spain since 2003 and are based in the Torrevieja area on the Costa Blanca.

Essential air conditioning services are fully licensed to operate in Spain and we offer great value for money and a quality of work
second to none!

Essential Air Conditioning Services make sure that we recommend the right machine for your needs; whether you need air conditioning
for a holiday home or live in Spain permanently.

Also, we will leave your home in Spain after the installation as tidy and clean as it was when we first arrived!

We don't just carry out installations, we also service air conditioning units.

A standard service consists of the following:

. Checking gas pressures.

. Checking outdoor condenser units.

. Cleaning of filters.

. Giving the indoor evaporator units an anti-bacterial spray which keeps down bad odours and also stops any build up of bacteria on the
indoor evaporator units.

We also inspect and repair where possible broken units.

We install not only standard "split" units but also "ducted" systems.

A spilt unit is suitable for one room whereas a ducted system will cover the whole home and is always pre-installed as your home is built.

You, as the customer, are also free to buy your own machines and we will install and check them for you.

Not all Air conditioning Systems are the same. As well as the normal types, there are now also "Inverter" Air Conditioning Systems.

These monitor ambient temperatures, which helps to give a more even temperature throughout the room, and are also able to come up to
temperature 30% quicker than standard units. They also have the benefit of being quieter when in use.

As a consumer, the most important thing you should know about inverter units is that they are 40% cheaper to run compared to
non-inverter machines! Initially they cost slightly more to buy but the savings can be well worth it especially if you live in Spain permanently.

At Essential Air Conditioning Services we are interested in advising you on the best air conditioning system to suit You, not what suits Us!

we install and service boilers

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Hi Jon, Thankyou very much for the fantastic job you've done for us. We're all really looking forward to a great nights sleep tonight, cant wait.


Just Fantastic!... Kind regards Liz, Craig, Robyn & Georgia Donaldson (a very happy cool family)


Jon has done an amazing job, really efficient and a very friendy service, we would recommend him to everyone. We're really really pleased. Thanks Jon!

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